Rauhan sport Oy
Y-tunnus: 2200076-5
Osoite: Vipelenpelto 7,
55 320 Rauha

Rauhan Sport Oy: n toimitusjohtaja,
Puh.: +7 812 303 15 69
Mob.: +7 921 915 94 95

c/o Imatran Tilikonsultit Oy
55 100 Imatra,
Puh.: +358 207 435 880
Puh.: +358 207 435 888


Welcome to Rauhan Sport Village!

Rauhan Sport Village hotel was opened in 2014 in a village close to Imatra on the shore of the gorgeous lake Saiima and approximately 10 min drive from Russian-Finnish border.

In a building of 600 square meters there are ten well-equipped apartments located on two floors where each apartment is meant to accommodate five people. Mini kitchen, two bedrooms, bathroom with two showers, cable TV and access to Internet is a standard set up of each apartment. In addition, ground floor offers a kitchen with professional Italian equipment, canteen with a terrace, and sauna.

There are many sports facilities of professional level nearby: full-size soccer fields with natural and artificial grass, indoor soccer field, ice palace, and indoor tennis courts. Moreover, the area offers an access to Aqua Park, entertainment park Angry Birds and Rope Park.


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